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Why choose Fitness for All UK

  • There are a variety of classes to suit all abilities and ages
  • Its convenient, as Fitness for All UK is located in your local Park
  • Fitness for All UK provides progressive training regimes, ensuring you continue to improve
  • It is varied, so the workouts will keep you interested and motivated
  • The classes last for 1 hour and are carefully tailored to incorporate all levels of fitness. They are divided into ability groups - beginner, intermediate, advanced. Whether you're a complete beginner or a professional athlete, we can offer you a challenging and rewarding session every time
  • Most important, sessions are fun so you will want to come back. Give it ago, sign up TODAY
Red Beginners If you currently do little or no exercise
Orange Intermediate If you currently do 1 - 3 sessions a week (30-120mins of exercise)
Green Advanced If you currently do 4 plus sessions a week (In excess of the recommended 150 mins)



Everyone taking part in PT in the Park must complete the Health Questionnaire provided.

Follow Link for questionnaire - PDF Version

No Winter sessions 

For PT in the Park please read Terms & Conditions: